Security Window Film

ith over 20 years of experience and thousands of cars under our belt ranging from standard models to high end luxury vehicles, why would you want to use anyone else other than Fresno Tint? Our attention to detail and high level of customer service enables you to rest a ssured that your automotive window tinting is being handled by industry professionals. In addition to our experience and customer service, Fresno Tint is a 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer.

Help protect your investment with 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films and 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems.

Benefits of Using 3M™ Security Films

Protect your property with security window film. Fresno Tint has the best selection of safety and security window films to fit the needs of every home and business. 3M Security film works in a number of ways to protect your home, family, business and inventory from threats such as break-ins, flying objects, weather debris and more. Safety and security film creates a layer of protection that strengthens your glass; it becomes nearly impossible for intruders. In the event of breakage, safety film is designed to create a safe shatter that bonds glass shards together, much like a car windshield.

Safety and security film comes in a variety of thicknesses and shades to fit every home or office. Your Fresno Tint representative will recommend the right application of window film depending on your specific needs. As the valley’s largest installer of safety and security window film, you will feel safe knowing that Fresno Tint is installing a premium grade film for your home or business designed specifically to protect your most precious investments.

  • Protect assets and data

  • Help deter smash-and-grab burglaries

  • Help guard against active shooter events

  • Benefit from easy application — even over existing glazing

  • Fortify all-glass doors

  • Help protect against vandalism

  • Added security for glass entryways & lobby areas

  • Save money over replacing all windows and doors with glass

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